React Native Vs. Ionic - Which Framework Is Better for Hybrid Mobile App Development?

Mobile app development is in trend past few decades. Customers seek innovation and curated ideas to have a better view presented to the outer world. But when you want the best, you need to be the best.




To have an excellent mobile app developed, you need to employ the best of all framework or platform. You need to choose between Android and iOS and the framework react native or ionic. Though it appears easy, it isn't. You need to scan through both to see which one fits your requirements better.



So, let's quickly take a look at what these both frameworks are and what do they provide?



Ionic at a glance




An excellent open source network that helps you develop a hybrid application and can work on a cross-platform domain. The framework relies on the language of HTML5 programming. However, to run HTML5 you need either of Cordova or PhoneGap.




Key highlights of Ionic




     Works effectively on different platforms.


     Works in conjunction with PhoneGap and Cordova.


     Works UIWebview of both iOS and Android.


     Excellent collection of plugins.


     UI functionalities of mobile apps can be easily created.




React Native in Jist




If you are looking to develop a UI based on JavaScript, the react native is the first choice. The code is available to all the developer who can reuse them with significant alterations to build a new app. You can also see it as the Facebook library of JavaScript that help in creating UI for apps targeted to run in a mobile platform.




Key Highlights




     Reuse code and save money.


     Induces community support


     Being CPU intensive, they have greater performance quality.


     Quick results with the help of Virtual - DoM


     Cross-platform functionality




 Comparison On The Go




Having a short idea about both the platform, it is now easy for us to draft down a comparison sheet. It would help you get a clear idea of which is better and in what cases. Seeing the comparison you would be pretty sure as to what serves you better.




So, ready




General Idea




React Native: Uses UI for greater interface


Ionic: Uses web technology as it largely portable.




Ease of Learning




React Native: Hardly any of the components are pre-developed.


Ionic: Has mainly components that are pre-designed or pre-developed.




Language of Coding




React Native: It uses the language of JSX - an extension of syntax that is capable of modifying the code while compiling the same to JS.


Ionic: It uses the language of typescript - JS superset that is capable of compiling easy and quick JS on any browser.



Development Ease




React Native: learn once and write anywhere


Ionic: write once, execute anywhere




Code View




React Native: Does not use webview


Ionic: Uses webview




Compatibility with Phone Hardware



React Native: Self sufficient


Ionic: Uses Apache Cordov



So, I hope the difference between the two is clear and you can very well choose the one for your development.